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                Home > About JHSP > Investor Introduction
                Investor Introduction

                Investor:Marubeni-Itochu Steel Inc.

                Date of Incorporation: October 1st, 2001

                Registered Capital: 30 billion yen

                Shareholders: Itochu Corporation (50%) and Marubeni Corporation. (50%)



                Marubeni-Itochu Steel Inc. (MISI) was founded in October 2001 and was a pioneer in its industry, embodying a unique new business model engineered through merger of the steel products divisions of major general trading companies. It remains as competitive as a general trading entity by merging corporate cultures of different kinds and creating new value.

                We remain devoted to furnishing what we refer to as the Three-Way Benefit to the buyer, the seller, and the local community. Based on this spirit, which was held dear as the business foundation of the traditional merchants of the Omi Region (western Japan from days of old and from where our heritage originated), we establish the following corporate philosophy.

                Subsidiaries (China)

                China Railway Yihong Steel Sheet Pile Co., Ltd.
                Dalian Teng Yang Steel Processing Co., Ltd.
                Guangzhou Pacific Tinplate Co., Ltd.
                Jiaxing Hongzhong Steel Processing Co., Ltd.
                Julong Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.
                MI Steel Processing Guangzhou Co., Ltd.
                Pancheng Yihong Pipe Co., Ltd.
                Shanghai Rihong Steel Sheets Processing Co., Ltd.
                Changchun Hongzhong Steel Processing Co.,Ltd.
                MI Bao Metal Processing Zhengzhou Co.,Ltd.

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